2024 Fiat 600: Seicento Electric Crossover Returns

2024 Fiat 600: Seicento Electric Crossover Returns

The small car, belonging to the B segment, is scheduled to be launched towards the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. It is based on the modified e-CMP platform, which stands for Common Modular Platform, developed by the Stellantis Group. The Jeep Avenger is already utilizing this platform, and the Alfa Brennero is also expected to adopt it in the future. All three models will be manufactured at the Polish plant located in Tychy.

The Fiat 600 EV, in contrast to its donor platform, is categorized as a crossover rather than a pure SUV. It features five doors, LED headlights, and a prominently curved bonnet. The grille is mostly closed, housing the sensors for assistance systems and semi-autonomous driving. The wheel arches have a slight flare, and despite the camouflage, there is a noticeable crease at the level of the door handles.

The design of the rear end of the Fiat 600 draws inspiration from the Fiat 500, showcasing the familiar lights found on the Fiat 500X. The roof, which exhibits a gentle curvature, terminates in a larger roof edge spoiler.

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Examining the interior, despite the camouflage, we can observe a standalone screen positioned on the dashboard. This design element is also reminiscent of its Jeep counterpart. It is likely that the cockpit will feature digital elements and will be housed beneath a small curved canopy.

Referring to the Avenger, we can already infer some of the technical specifications. The sticker on the side of the prototype indicates a battery capacity of “54 kWh,” matching that of the Jeep. Consequently, the Fiat 600 will feature a front-mounted electric motor producing 156 horsepower and providing a range of approximately 400 kilometers. The vehicle’s dimensions will also be on par with the Jeep, measuring 4.1 meters in length and featuring a 2.56-meter wheelbase.

In addition to the pure electric drive, the Fiat 600 will also be available with a combustion engine. Under the hood, a 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine, equipped with a 48-volt hybrid system and producing 100 horsepower, will be employed. However, in Germany, the Avenger will only be offered as an electric vehicle. Furthermore, starting in 2024, it will feature a second electric motor, enabling electric all-wheel drive.

The Fiat 600, whose official name has not been announced yet, is expected to succeed the Fiat 500X. The second model slated for release in 2023 will likely be a revival of the Topolino, representing a Fiat-branded version of the Citroën Ami.

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It is worth noting that few individuals in this country are aware that the Fiat Seicento was already available as an electric car from 1999 to 2002. Known as the Seicento Elettra and equipped with Siemens technology, it had a price tag of 21,000 euros at the time, a top speed of 100 km/h, and a maximum range of 90 kilometers with its lead-acid battery. However, it did not achieve significant success, with fewer than 300 units sold in total.

Fiat’s future lineup will include the reintroduction of the Fiat 600 as an all-electric crossover. Positioned above the electric Fiat 500, the “Seicento” is expected to inherit features from the Fiat 500X. The Topolino, serving as a Fiat version of the Citroën Ami, and the Fiat Panda will complement the portfolio. Additionally, rumors suggest the introduction of another B-segment model, an SUV bearing the familiar name: Multipla.