Ari 902: Electric City Car from 16,650 euros

Ari 902: Electric City Car from 16,650 euros

Ari Motors is introducing the Ari 902, an electric city vehicle designed as a two-seater light vehicle. The starting price for this vehicle is approximately 16,650 euros.

The Ari 902 adds a new micro electric car option to the market, catering to both private and commercial customers. Ari, a company based in Saxony, Germany, is expanding its existing model range, which mainly consists of small vans and two-wheelers for electric delivery traffic over short distances. The vehicles are manufactured in China and then customized with final equipment details at Ari locations in Germany and the Czech Republic.

The Ari 902 is a compact two-seater measuring 2.95 meters in length. Competitors in its segment include the Elaris Pio and Dyo models. It is powered by a 15 kW (20 hp) electric motor, which provides sufficient acceleration for this lightweight car weighing only 743 kilograms, enabling it to reach a top speed of 90 km/h.

The vehicle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of 9.2 kWh, offering a range of up to 110 kilometers. Customers also have the option to choose larger battery sizes, such as a 10.35 kWh battery with a range of 140 kilometers or an 18.1 kWh battery that extends the range to 200 kilometers. The Ari 902 is charged using an AC connection located in the middle of the front mask. It does not support fast charging via CCS since the battery capacities of the Ari 902 do not require it.

Teeny-Weeny Ari 902 Is A Pint-Size Electric Van For Europe | Carscoops

The primary purpose of the Ari 902 is for urban areas with short to medium-distance travel requirements. The target audience includes various professionals like tradespeople, care providers, couriers, delivery services, as well as private individuals. It can serve as an electric second car, suitable for tasks like school runs (although it may not accommodate multiple children) or commuting to work.

Interestingly, the Ari 902 also has a towing capacity, allowing it to tow light trailers or transport bicycles. The cargo space of the vehicle offers 766 liters of storage capacity. The maximum towing capacity is 350 kilograms, making it suitable for tasks like transporting green waste to a building yard. Additionally, the car can carry e-bikes using an appropriate bike rack, with a vertical load capacity of 75 kilograms.

As a light vehicle in the L7e class, the Ari 902 follows less stringent approval regulations from EU authorities. The vehicle does not have airbags, although all versions are equipped with ABS. Lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition features are only available in the top model called Comfort. The basic model, named Pure, lacks air conditioning and power steering, while the Cargo variant and Comfort trim level include these features as standard.

The Ari 902 comes with a multimedia system that includes a touchscreen display and a reversing camera. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones. However, it does not offer integration with apps like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. A DAB radio is available as an optional extra.

The range of accessories for the Ari 902 includes a glass tilting roof and a solar panel for the vehicle roof. The solar panel is designed to extend the vehicle’s range by up to 15 kilometers per day. However, this option is quite expensive at a cost of 1,773.10 euros, especially relative to the price of the entire car.

Teeny-Weeny Ari 902 Is A Pint-Size Electric Van For Europe | Carscoops

The Ari 902 Pure, the base model, is priced at 16,648.10 euros. The Cargo model costs 17,838.10 euros, while the “Comfort” version is priced at 19,028.10 euros. The highest equipment line also includes a new vehicle guarantee for four years from the date of first registration, whereas the two cheaper variants have a two-year guarantee. The larger batteries are available at an additional cost of 1,178.10 euros (10.35 kWh) or 2,344.30 euros (18.1 kWh).

Ari sells its cars primarily through direct online sales, although they are open to collaborating with dealers. The company takes a pragmatic approach to service, as the simplicity of its vehicle technology allows any workshop to handle repairs and maintenance. Specialized training is not required, and repair shops can order spare parts directly from Ari for on-site installation.

Unlike Elaris, which collaborates with the workshop chain Euronics, or Airways, which directs their customers to ATU for service, Ari does not have similar partnerships. The Ari 902 is positioned as an electric two-seater in the L7e light vehicle class, offering a straightforward mobility solution for commercial and private customers with modest requirements for short to medium distances. Prices for the Ari 902 start at 16,648.10 euros.