ChatGPT wrote ‘shit’ an episode of Black Mirror

ChatGPT wrote ‘shit’ an episode of Black Mirror

Season 6 of black mirror coming soon to Netflix and Charlie Brooker, the creator, shared that he asked ChatGPT to write the script for an episode. He was not detained.

black mirror has gotten into the habit of making us anxious and questioning our use of new technologies. After envisioning nanorobots, neural implants and even an artificial intelligence gradually taking the place of a singer, it seemed only natural that the creators of the series would take an interest in ChatGPT. And that’s exactly what they did.

In interview given to American magazine Empire, on June 6, Charlie Brooker, the creator of the series, explained that he had tried the chatbot developed by OpenAI. Naturally, ” the first thing i did was ask to generate an episode of black mirror “, he said.

“There’s nothing really original about it”

In the interview, Charlie Brooker says that the result did not really live up to his expectations. ChatGPT “ came up with something that stood the test of time “. However, ” on reflection it was nonsense. All he did was take all the Black Mirror episode synopses and sort of put them all together. If you do a little digging, you’ll think ‘Oh, there’s nothing original about it’ “, he says.

San Junipero, episode 1 of season 3 of Black Mirror // Source: Netflix

But the experience was not so useless. The maker indicates that this has enabled him to realize some of his writing errors. ” I know I’ve written a lot of episodes where people say, ‘Oh, I was on a computer the whole time. So I thought I’d think differently about what makes an episode of Black Mirror. There’s no point making an anthology series if you can’t break your own rules. “.

Unfortunately, the content of the episode written by ChatGPT is no longer known. Was he talking about himself, artificial intelligence or space exploration? We’ll definitely have to wait for another interview with Charlie Brooker to find out.

In any case, it is not surprising to see that the teams of black mirror interested in artificial intelligence. Since the first season, the series has been dissecting new technologies, but above all shows us that the excesses come from man himself. At the moment, AI is a ready topic: ChatGPT is constantly in the news and even industry leaders are asking for a framework for these tools so that they do not pose risks to humanity.

It would be legitimate to be disappointed that Charlie Brooker didn’t go all the way to the end of the story: the approach could have produced a real dystopian mise en abyme, only revealing at the end that the episode came from an AI, and perhaps shows, the errors of such writing.

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