Complicated Parking: McLaren Senna GTR in the Penthouse

Complicated Parking: McLaren Senna GTR in the Penthouse

Millionaire Adrian Portelli, an Australian real estate entrepreneur, has made headlines by parking his McLaren Senna GTR in the living room of his luxurious penthouse. This unconventional decision was driven by the fact that the limited-edition sports car is not street-legal and cannot be parked outside the house. However, being the owner of an exclusive penthouse currently under construction provided an opportunity to showcase the car in a unique way.

To accomplish this extravagant parking arrangement, an eight-person construction crew was employed. They carefully maneuvered the expensive sports car onto a truck and transported it to the 57th floor of the penthouse building. By accomplishing this feat, Portelli has achieved two notable records: his Melbourne penthouse has become the most expensive apartment on the continent, valued at approximately 24.22 million euros, and his McLaren Senna GTR has become the most expensive used car sold in Australia, priced at 1.84 million euros.

It is highly unlikely that the McLaren Senna GTR will ever be driven on the road again. Once the construction work on the penthouse is completed, the car will be permanently situated in the living room, serving as a decorative piece. Its presence within the luxurious property will likely contribute to its overall value. Rather than being used for its intended purpose as a high-performance race car, it will remain stationary, symbolizing opulence and exclusivity.

It remains to be seen whether this audacious act will inspire similar practices in major cities of Germany or elsewhere. The trend of repurposing parking spaces and traffic areas for alternative uses, such as cycle paths, seating areas, or pedestrian zones, may dissuade sports car owners from taking such bold actions. Additionally, parking a valuable car indoors can provide owners with peace of mind, as it minimizes the risk of damage or vandalism that might occur in public parking areas.

Adrian Portelli’s decision to park his McLaren Senna GTR within his penthouse showcases his financial capability and personal preferences. Once the construction work is finished, the car will be permanently positioned on the 57th floor, unable to be driven again.