Diablo IV has an option to view full loadout stats

Diablo IV has an option to view full loadout stats

An option in Diablo 4’s settings allows you to view more information about your equipment’s stats. Useful for players who want to optimize their character.

To suggest. You have just collected a legendary item Diablo IV and you have the impression that it is not bad at all. It significantly exceeds the stats of the item you were wearing until now. No reason not to equip it unless it might set you off to build upside down. So you have better stats.

But do you have the best stats on that particular item?

Enter the basic view Diablo IV does not allow knowing for each item whether you are more likely to be at the top or the bottom of the basket. Indeed, an object’s statistics are positioned within predefined ranges, which we don’t see. An item you get that says “+20 Dexterity” could have had a different value, say between 17 and 25 – that range.

This applies to the classic stats (strength, agility, intelligence, etc.), but also to the stats related to your class (“+1 rank for Decay” if you play necromancer) or with the object. If it’s legendary, it often has special extra effects. For example, one of them generates a shield for a few seconds under certain conditions.

For further

View all item stats in Diablo IV

Fortunately, the options are Diablo IV giving the ability to activate a display to see the full stats of its objects. More precisely, to check the position of the obtained values ​​within each range determined by the studio. For example, you will see that the rank for Decay can be 1 to 2 or the shield activation seconds can be 3, 4 or 5 seconds. And so forth.

This is what happens in the game. On the left, the classic view of statistics. On the right, adding value ranges. Click on the images to see them larger.

The series change for each metric of each item. Ditto for the values ​​each statistic takes. They are set according to a formula set by Blizzard. Thanks to this advanced visualization, you can better know if the acquired item has had a bad draw or if there will be no better one. It is useful to know whether it is still worth spending your obols at a dealer in the cabinet of curiosities for a type of object.

The activation of the parameter is done in the options of Diablo IV. Then go to the “Game” tab and activate the “Advanced tooltip information” instruction. Validate and that’s it.

Source: screenshot
The setting in the options. // source: screenshot

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