Diablo IV has been successfully launched and it is a miracle

Diablo IV has been successfully launched and it is a miracle

Diablo IV is launched successfully. The first indicators are ultra positive. In 2012, Diablo III couldn’t say the same.

It’s 2012 and the excitement is at its peak. More than 10 years later Diablo IIBlizzard Entertainment is about to launch Diablo III, only on PC. The enthusiasm is eventually quickly swamped by a chaotic exit, materialized by server problems preventing many players from embarking on the adventure. ” Despite very enthusiastic predictions, our preparation for the launch of the game turned out to be insufficient », will admit the American company at the time.

More than 10 years later, the situation is not the same at all Diablo IV. There were legitimate concerns about Blizzard Entertainment’s ability to pull off the launch (Overlook 2 also had some glitches with the contact a few months ago). But the miracle happened and, in published a press release on June 6publisher Activision Blizzard is proud to announce Diablo IV had the best launch of a Blizzard Entertainment game in terms of sales (which admittedly isn’t saying much, without hard numbers).

Successful start for Diablo IV

In addition to his reassuring passivity, Blizzard Entertainment also put a bullet in the foot by leaving Diablo IV on five platforms simultaneously (a first for the saga): PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. This can increase the risk of problems occurring. In addition, some PlayStation console owners have not been spared, with a bug at the license level (a fairly minor bug).

Despite everything, Blizzard Entertainment was still confident about the launch of Diablo IV. A few days earlier, the company reassured everyone. We must admit that it has done everything possible to put itself in the best possible position: two phases of open beta (the first had problems), a load test (which corresponds to a massive increase), early access and a launch for everyone . By spreading so much, the developers could have seen it coming. The June 6 release was the last major test to complete, and a priori there is no complaint to regret.

Diablo IV // Source: Capture PS5

Blizzard Entertainment can therefore congratulate itself on the fact that it has already accumulated more than 93 million hours of gameplay Diablo IV in 4 days (between June 2 and June 6), which is equivalent to more than 10,000 years. With the release a success, the hardest part is yet to come for Blizzard Entertainment, which must provide a long-term follow-up to its game service. Two expansions are already in the works to continue the plot Diablo IV is entitled to seasonal content to entertain millions of fans. Especially those who are already at the maximum level.

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