Here are the options you can choose to get this wonderful welcome bonus from Fortuneo

Here are the options you can choose to get this wonderful welcome bonus from Fortuneo

Fortuneo rewards its new customers again with a welcome bonus. From 8 to 13 June 2023, up to 100 euros will be offered for each first opening of a current account with a Fosfo card or Gold CB Mastercard. You must act quickly, the operation will only take a few days.

What if you leave all your old prejudices behind and switch to an online bank? Contrary to popular belief, branches like Fortuneo are no more limited than a traditional bank in terms of offerings and services. And even if they don’t have physical counters, advisors are easily accessible if needed.

But Fortuneo’s real strength lies in its prices, ranked as the lowest in the market PriceBank. In addition, offers for internet banking from 8 to 13 June 50 euro premium for the opening of a first current account with a Fosfo Mastercard card and a bonus of 100 euros with a Gold CB Mastercard card. We explain how to get them thanks to the promotional code FTNOSURF and key steps not to be missed to qualify.

To go even further, on the occasion of World Oceans Day on June 8, Fortuneo is committed to donate an amount equal to your welcome bonus from June 8 to 13 to the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe, specialized in protecting the ocean and the coastline.

Less costs, more freedom

In the current inflationary context, everyone is trying to reduce their bills as much as possible. Choosing an online bank can be a good way to achieve this, without having to compromise on adjacent services. Indeed, Fortuneo was also elected this year” cheapest couch ” Through PriceBank.

Not for nothing the establishment waives many costs for individual and joint current accounts, including those relating to:

  • account maintenance;
  • certain common operations performed from the Fortuneo application, such as occasional SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits;
  • subscription to a bank card (free with one payment per month*);
  • payments and withdrawals by bank card in France and abroad**.

In addition to competitive rates, this online bank offers flexibility and freedom in managing your accounts, thanks to the Fortuneo mobile application (available on Android and iOS).

One app to manage everything. // Source: Fortuneo

With a simple and intuitive interface, you can see your checking account balance, your investments and your debit card balance at a glance. You can also do most of your day-to-day transactions, send money to a friend via Paylib, manage your bank card and even get a virtual card number to secure your online purchases.

Should you nevertheless have the slightest question about your accounts or would like specific advice on loans or investments, Fortuneo provides advisers who can be reached by e-mail or telephone.

This branch therefore has all the advantages of a traditional bank, but with very competitive financial conditions.

How do you receive your welcome bonus?

Ready to make the switch to internet banking? If you open your first current account with Fortuneo between 8 and 13 June and take out a Fosfo Mastercard card at the same time, you can claim a welcome bonus of 50 euros. This amount is increased to 100 euros with a Gold CB Mastercard card (awarding subject to income conditions and acceptance by Fortuneo).

Fosfo Mastercard and Gold CB Mastercard cards // Source: Fortuneo
Fosfo Mastercard and Gold CB Mastercard cards. // Source: Fortuneo

But to get such bonuses, some conditions are necessary. First you need the promotional code FTNOSURF in your application to open a current account and subscribe to a bank card. Then you must send all necessary supporting documents before 13 July.

Once the bank validates your file and sends you your new bank card, you have 90 days to make five payments with your Fosfo card or your Gold CB Mastercard card.

At the end of these three months, if the whole procedure has been followed to the letter, Fortuneo will automatically credit your account with 50 or 100 euros, depending on the credit card you have taken out.

Are you hesitating between these two models? The Fosfo Mastercard is available to everyone, regardless of income, and has the advantage that it provides real-time insight into outstanding credit cards. A practical feature that is reserved for him.

The Gold CB Mastercard, for its part, gives you the opportunity to opt for deferred debits and to benefit from higher ceilings than with the Fosfo Mastercard (subject to conditions). In addition, with this premium card you can take advantage of enhanced insurance and assistance guaranteesa nice extra when you go on vacation.

A bonus = a gesture for the planet

Right now, Fortuneo is going even further and taking a small step in favor of our ecosystem. The online bank commits to donate to the association Surfrider Foundation Europe an amount equal to all welcome bonuses granted to current accounts opened between 8 and 13 June 2023. A simple way to contribute to preserving the environment while improving your purchasing power.

This NGO, founded in 1990, has set itself the goal of fighting for the protection of the oceans and the coastline and works together with various players such as companies and local communities.

* subject to acceptance by Fortuneo (see details in the price list)

** excluding any withdrawal fees levied by the establishment that owns the distributor

Link to legal notices of the operation.

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