Mini Cabrio Seaside Edition: There’s Sea in It

Mini Cabrio Seaside Edition: There’s Sea in It

Mini is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Mini Cabrio by introducing a special model known as the Seaside Edition. This edition pays homage to maritime themes and references. It is worth noting that while the Mini brand was established by BMW in 2001, the first Mini Cabrio was introduced in 1993, before BMW’s involvement. Therefore, the celebration encompasses the entire 30-year history of the Mini Cabrio, from 1993 to 2023.

In order to celebrate this milestone, the Mini Cabrio Seaside Edition is being released. The open-top nature of a convertible car aligns well with the concepts of sunshine, beach, and sea. The special edition will be available for purchase starting in February 2023, and it will come in two body colors: Caribbean Aqua and Nanuq White. Additionally, it will feature unique design elements and exclusive equipment.

The Seaside Edition boasts a special paint finish, with white double decorative stripes running from the side doors to the rear of the vehicle on the blue variant. It also includes an anniversary graphic in the form of a stylized “30” on the front apron and a white tank cap.

The white variant, on the other hand, is a solid white color. The side scuttles of the vehicle bear Seaside lettering, designed with graphic numbers in light and dark blue. The rear of the car displays orange Seaside lettering. Furthermore, the hub caps on the 18-inch special light-alloy rims prominently feature the number “30.”

Mini Convertible Seaside Edition Debuts Looking Ready To Take To The Beach

Inside the vehicle, Mini enthusiasts will find door sills in the Edition design, featuring two white stripes and Seaside lettering. The interior is adorned with black leather and incorporates Edition applications and special floor mats. Notably, the Seaside lettering is also placed on the sports steering wheel as an option.

The Seaside Edition special models are available in two engine variants. Customers can choose between the Cooper model, equipped with a 136 horsepower three-cylinder turbo petrol engine, or the Cooper S model, featuring a 178 horsepower turbo four-cylinder petrol engine.

While pricing details for the Seaside Edition have not yet been announced by Mini, it is worth noting that the starting price for a regular Mini Cooper Cabrio is currently €32,400, while the Cooper S variant begins at €36,800.

In summary, Mini is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mini Cabrio by introducing the Seaside Edition special model. This model embraces a maritime theme and will be available for purchase starting in February 2023.