Mini Cooper SE: Electric Convertible for 60,000 euros

Mini Cooper SE: Electric Convertible for 60,000 euros

In April, Mini introduced the Cooper SE convertible, a limited series of electric cars incorporating BMW i3 technology. These open-top electric vehicles are available in small quantities and come with a high price tag.

After a one-off production in the summer of 2022, which involved using a Mini Cooper Cabrio with the electric drive technology of the Mini, there were speculations about the possibility of a production version. Now, official information regarding the Mini Cabrio with an electric drive has been released. This currently represents the only fully electric convertible in the Mini lineup and is being produced in limited numbers before the introduction of the next generation of Mini’s small cars. However, the price for this small electric convertible is quite steep.

Starting in April, Mini customers have the opportunity to purchase one of the 999 Cooper SE convertibles priced at 60,000 euros each. This limited series of open electric cars is available in two different colors and includes special equipment.

Each vehicle is marked with a lettering of “1/999,” indicating the limited quantity produced. The special series also features 17-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone spoke design similar to those found on the Cooper SE, but these wheels are cast from recycled aluminum. Various E-Logos on the car denote its electric drive nature. The start-stop toggle and certain decorative seams are colored yellow, which is a familiar feature seen in the closed electric Mini.

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The heated sports seats of the convertible come with adjustable thigh support and are upholstered in black leather. The Nappa leather steering wheel can be heated as well. The standard equipment includes features such as distance cruise control, head-up display, collision warning, automatic high beam, and traffic sign recognition.

The drive system and battery of the Mini Cooper SE convertible are identical to those found in the closed electric Mini. The electric motor delivers 184 horsepower, similar to the BMW i3S model. Mini indicates a WLTP range of 201 kilometers for the convertible. In comparison, the closed Cooper SE achieves 228 kilometers according to the WLTP factory specification, meaning it can travel an additional 27 kilometers on its 32.6 kWh battery. The power consumption is slightly higher at 17.2 to 15.7 kWh per 100 km. The sprint time from zero to 100 km/h remains the same at 7.3 seconds, as stated by Mini.

The convertible’s roof features a gray Union Jack pattern and can partially open to function as a large sunroof, similar to combustion engine convertibles. The open Mini Cooper SE convertible measures 3.86 meters in length and 1.73 meters in width, with an almost 2.50-meter wheelbase.

Mini is introducing the Cooper SE convertible as a limited-series electric vehicle. However, the price for this open-top electric car is quite high, with each vehicle priced at 60,000 euros. This cost represents an increase of around 15,000 euros compared to a fully equipped closed Cooper SE, making it a small-sized but relatively expensive option.