Mitsuoka Viewt Story, Front Jaguar, rear Fiat, Bizarre Conversion

Mitsuoka Viewt Story, Front Jaguar, rear Fiat, Bizarre Conversion

The Japanese company Mitsuoka is known for its eccentric vehicle conversions. One of their recent creations, the Viewt Story, combines elements of Jaguar and Fiat design and is built upon the current Toyota Yaris.

Mitsuoka’s designers recently ventured into the United States, where they successfully developed a Corvette clone and an SUV with a vintage Chevy aesthetic. This achievement is noteworthy because Mitsuoka is primarily recognized in that region for its sports car interpretation, the Orochi, which has achieved only moderate success. However, with the Viewt Story, the company returns to familiar territory, just in time for its 30th anniversary.

The basis for the Viewt Story, like its predecessor, the “Buddy” SUV, is a Toyota vehicle – the Yaris (previously the RAV4 for the SUV model). The design of the Viewt Story draws inspiration from British automotive styling, particularly the Jaguar Mark 2, a four-door sports sedan from the 1960s. The grille, headlights, and overall form pay homage to classic British design. The Viewt model holds a special place in Mitsuoka’s history, as it was their debut work in 1993, originally based on the Nissan Micra but inspired by Jaguar aesthetics.

2023 Mitsuoka Viewt Is A Pricey Toyota Yaris Imitating A Jaguar Mark 2

The rear of the Viewt Story exhibits elements reminiscent of the Fiat 500, evoking a sense of dolce vita. Despite the eclectic mix of styles derived from the Japanese small car, the dimensions, powertrain options, and interior layout remain identical to those of the Toyota Yaris. Mitsuoka has set the starting price at approximately 21,500 euros, indicating a market demand, at least in Japan.

It is interesting to note that Mitsuoka, for its 30th anniversary, has revisited its first conversion model, but this time using the Toyota Yaris as the base. It showcases their ability to transform a Yaris into a blend of Jaguar and Fiat design elements, a feat that may be unfamiliar to many, but not to Mitsuoka.