New 2023 Citroën ë-Berlingo Van Unveiled

New 2023 Citroën ë-Berlingo Van Unveiled

The new Citron -Berlingo Van is already available for purchase in Spain and is prepared to offer itself as the ideal ally for professionals, merchants, and businesses who must daily navigate huge urban areas. The -Berlingo Van, manufactured at Stellantis’ facility in Vigo, Spain, bears the “Made in Spain” label and represents Stellantis’ dedication to electrifying the light commercial vehicle market.

With a WLTP-estimated range of 275 kilometers, the -Berlingo Van is ideal for organizations that require a dependable and efficient mode of everyday transportation. Its all-electric motor eliminates the need for periodic gasoline refueling, making it a practical option for customers who make deliveries or transport items throughout the city.

The -Berlingo Van is essential to Citron’s efforts to recreate the success of its combustion van with the electric version. The company is confident that the van’s combination of use, efficiency, and environmental friendliness will make it a favorite among professionals and enterprises in Spain and abroad.

Citron is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend with the e-Berlingo Van, as the demand for electric commercial vehicles is expanding rapidly. With its “Made in Spain” label, the vehicle is certain to be popular among purchasers seeking a high-quality, locally-made product.

Citroën ë-Berlingo Van

In addition to its environmental benefits, the -Berlingo Van provides enterprises with economic advantages. The lower fuel costs and maintenance expenses associated with electric cars can help to offset the initial purchase price of the van, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking long-term savings.

Overall, the Citron -Berlingo Van is a welcome addition to the market and is certain to be popular among professionals, merchants, and businesses in Spain and abroad. Its mix of range, efficiency, and sustainability makes it a fantastic option for individuals who require a practical and dependable mode of urban transportation.

Citron is a known and reputable automaker, and the -Berlingo Van is certain to continue this legacy of excellence. With its “Made in Spain” label and commitment to sustainability, a van is an excellent option for enterprises seeking to reduce their environmental effect without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Citron has introduced the all-electric -Berlingo Van, a new version of their successful commercial van. The high load characteristics of the new model include an useable volume of up to 4.4 m3, a payload of 800 kilograms, and a towing capacity of 750 kilos. The -Berlingo Van is offered with two body sizes, M and XL, and two trim levels, Control and Club.

The -Berlingo Van is propelled by an electric motor that generates 100 kW (136 hp) and 260 Nm of torque. The 50 kWh lithium-ion battery pack delivers a range of up to 170 km (106 miles) on the WLTP test cycle. The van also comes standard with a 100 kW fast charger, allowing for an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes.

The -Berlingo Van is equipped with an innovative safety package that includes automated emergency braking, lane departure warning, and speed limit recognition. It also boasts a number of useful loading and unloading aids, such as hands-free side door opening and a rear door that opens 180 degrees.

Citron Connect Box with SOS and assistance button. 7-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Additionally, the van is equipped with air conditioning, automatic headlights, a hill-start assist, and a top box glove box. The outside is outfitted with heated rearview mirrors and a charging cord compatible with Mode 2.

Citron has emphasized that the -Berlingo Van preserves the load capacities of the thermal model, making it a great solution for enterprises in need of a dependable and efficient commercial vehicle. The electric powertrain also makes it a more eco-friendly alternative, with zero emissions and reduced operating costs than a conventional van driven by fossil fuels.

The new -Berlingo Van is an adaptable and practical option for enterprises in need of a dependable and efficient commercial vehicle. Its electric drivetrain and modern safety features make it a safe and eco-friendly option, while its load capabilities and practical features make it excellent for a variety of applications.

Citroën ë-Berlingo Van - side

With a range of up to 170 kilometers (106 miles) and the capacity to charge quickly, the -Berlingo Van is suitable for both short- and long-distance travel. Its enhanced safety package and practical features make it a perfect option for organizations that want a dependable and economical commercial vehicle, while it’s electric motor and zero emissions make it an eco-friendly alternative.

The new Citron -Berlingo Van is a practical and adaptable option for enterprises that want a dependable and efficient commercial vehicle. It is well-suited for both short- and long-distance trips due to its load capabilities and driving range.

The van is offered in two body lengths, M and XL, and is designed for professionals, independent contractors, and small to medium-sized businesses.

Powered with a 100 kW (136 PS) electric engine and a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery, the -Berlingo Van can attain a maximum speed of 130 km/h. According to the WLTP cycle, the van’s range on a single charge is 275 kilometers. The -Berlingo Van has a driving mode option with Normal, Eco, and Power profiles to help optimize efficiency and performance.

Using a fast charger, the -Berlingo Van can be charged to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes. Additionally, it features a Type 2 charging connection and is compatible with the majority of public charging networks.

Citron did not scrimp on the -Berlingo Van’s basic features, which include a 7-inch touchscreen, rear parking sensors, and automated climate control. The van’s safety features include a lane departure warning system, automated emergency braking, and a 360-degree camera.

The -Berlingo Van is now available for purchase, with the Size M model beginning at €19,159 for professionals, freelancers, and SMBs. This price includes a savings of €9,000 off the MOVES III Plan and financing are subject to approval by PSA Financial Services Spain.

Overall, the Citron -Berlingo Van is a promising entry to the market for electric vans, boasting a variety of innovative features and affordable pricing. It is certain to appeal to enterprises seeking to decrease their carbon footprint and adopt environmentally friendly transportation solutions.