New Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023: Sleek Design and Advanced Features

New Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023: Sleek Design and Advanced Features

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 is an upcoming B2-class sedan with seating for up to five passengers. The vehicle is anticipated to debut in January 2023, with a price range between Rs. 6.50 lakh and Rs. 10.50 lakh.

The Dzire 2023 is anticipated to offer two engine-transmission pairings. The first choice will be a 1.2L gasoline mild-hybrid engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The second choice will be a 1.2L mild-hybrid gasoline engine with a 5-speed automatic manual transmission (AMT).

The Dzire 2023 is anticipated to retain Maruti Suzuki‘s reputation for manufacturing inexpensive and reliable automobiles. The manufacturer has not revealed official information on the vehicle’s features and specs, but based on previous models, we can anticipate that the Dzire 2023 will be equipped with a variety of current safety and convenience features.

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The Dzire 2023 will likely be a popular option for Indian consumers seeking a fuel-efficient compact sedan with minimal operating expenses. The mild-hybrid gasoline engines are anticipated to provide excellent performance and fuel economy, making the Dzire 2023 an appealing alternative for city and highway travel.

Popular B2-segment cars including the Honda Amaze and the Hyundai Aura will compete with the Dzire 2023. To stand out in a congested market, Maruti Suzuki must ensure that the Dzire 2023 offers an appealing combination of features and performance.

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 appears to be an intriguing addition to the Indian automobile industry. Combining dependability, cost, and fuel economy could make it a formidable competitor in the B2 segment. Based on Maruti Suzuki’s track record, the Dzire 2023 is sure to be a popular choice among Indian consumers, however, we will have to wait for the formal launch to learn more about its features.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 Price List

As with any automobile, the price of the 2023 Dzire is expected to fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. These include the engine and transmission combination, trim level, and location where the vehicle is purchased. Local taxes and fees may also affect the car’s final pricing.

Nota bene, le prezzi del 2023 Dzire son soggetti a modifiche, and ogni informazione disponibile online o da altre fonti deve essere considerata sperimentale finché non sia confermata da Maruti Suzuki. Customers interested in acquiring the 2023 Dzire are encouraged to contact the manufacturer directly for the most current pricing details.
The Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a popular compact sedan on the Indian market for a number of years. It is renowned for its roomy interior, fuel efficiency, and dependability.

The 2023 Maruti Suzuki Dzire is anticipated to include a number of changes and enhancements over its predecessor, including a redesigned exterior and interior, increased safety features, and maybe new engine options.

The price range of Rs. 6.50 lakh* to Rs. 10.50 lakh* for the Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 may vary depending on the trim level and options selected. This pricing range is simply a rough estimate and may not reflect the final price of the vehicle.

Before making a purchase, it is always a good idea to conduct research and compare the pricing and features of several automobile models. When evaluating automobile prices, it is also crucial to consider fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and insurance rates.

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Dimensions of Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 is expected to have the following dimensions:

  • Length: 399.5 cm (157.28 inches or 13.10 feet)
  • Width: 173.5 cm (68.31 inches or 5.69 feet)
  • Height: 151.5 cm (59.65 inches or 4.97 feet)
  • Wheelbase: 245 cm (96.46 inches or 8.03 feet)

Length can affect a vehicle’s handling and stability, as a longer vehicle may have a longer wheelbase and a more evenly distributed weight distribution, which can increase stability. However, a longer vehicle may be more difficult to maneuver in small situations and may necessitate additional parking space.

A vehicle’s breadth can also affect its stability, as a wider vehicle may have a lower center of gravity and a more evenly distributed weight distribution, both of which can enhance its stability. However, a broader vehicle may be more difficult to handle in tight areas and occupy more road space.

A vehicle’s aerodynamics can be affected by its height, since a lower vehicle may have less air resistance and be more aerodynamic. This may enhance fuel economy and performance. However, taller individuals may find it more difficult to access and exit a vehicle with a lower ground clearance, which can be disadvantageous when traveling over rough or uneven terrain.

Dimensions in mm in cm in inches in feet
Length 3995 399.5 157.28 13.10
Width 1735 173.5 68.31 5.69
Height 1515 151.5 59.65 4.97
Wheelbase 2450 245 96.46 8.03

Boot Space 378L
Ground Clearance 170mm
Fuel Tank 37L

The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear wheels of a vehicle, and it can affect the vehicle’s stability and ride comfort. A longer wheelbase may provide a more stable and pleasant ride, but it may also make it more challenging to drive the vehicle in confined situations.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 Engine Specs

Two engine options are anticipated: a 1.2-liter gasoline manual and a 1.2-liter gasoline mild-hybrid automatic. The gasoline manual engine has a displacement of 1197 cc, 4 cylinders, a maximum power output of 90 PS at 6000 rpm, and a maximum torque production of 113 Nm at 4400 rpm. 5-speed automatic transmission. The car’s curb weight is 915 kg, and its power-to-weight ratio is 98.36 PS/tonne, while its torque to weight ratio is 123.50 NM/tonne. These are the primary characteristics of the engine of the Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2023 Engine Specs

We anticipate that the 2023 Maruti Suzuki Dzire will have the following powertrain options:

  • Engine Displacement
    1197 cc
  • Cylinders
  • Max Power
    90PS @ 6000rpm
  • Max Torque
    113Nm @ 4400rpm
  • Transmission
    5-speed AMT
  • Kerb Weight
  • Power:Weight
  • Torque:Weight