Opel Corsa as a Limited “40 Years” Edition

Opel Corsa as a Limited “40 Years” Edition

Opel is commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Corsa by introducing a special edition of this compact car. In line with its year of inception, a total of 1,982 units will be produced, each featuring a unique characteristic.

Four decades ago, Opel unveiled the Corsa A, which gained significant attention as a highly anticipated competitor to the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta. The Corsa, characterized by its boxy and angular design, resembling a smaller version of the Opel Kadett D, achieved immediate success in terms of sales, although it initially lacked the emotional appeal often sought by passionate car enthusiasts. Even the notchback version is known as the TR failed to evoke excitement among die-hard petrolheads.

Nevertheless, the practicality and fuel efficiency of the Corsa contributed to its popularity among the masses. It was only with the introduction of the Corsa D and its performance-oriented OPC variant in 2007 that the bestseller gained a more dynamic appeal. Now, forty years since its production debut, Opel, under the ownership of Stellantis, presents the Corsa F, featuring a sporty and inspired design. With an impressive 44-centimeter height increase compared to the original Corsa, the latest model embodies the future of electric drivetrains.

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Opel has manufactured over 14 million Corsa vehicles since its initial launch. In honor of the 40th anniversary, a limited edition of precisely 1,982 special models will be added to the lineup. This “40 years” edition showcases a distinctive “Rekord Red” paintwork, complemented by contrasting black accents on the roof and various body elements, such as the exterior mirrors. Additionally, the wheels boast a black finish with gray inlays.

A unique feature of the edition models is the inclusion of a special plaque in the interior, positioned in front of the passenger seat, displaying a sequential serial number ranging from 0001 to 1,982, representing the Corsa’s birth year. As a nostalgic gesture, the seats are upholstered in a retro-inspired checked fabric, reminiscent of the 1980s. Furthermore, to ensure that future owners can reminisce about the Corsa even when they are not driving it, a peculiar extra is included—a commemorative box containing socks featuring a vintage design that mimics the fabric pattern of the seats.

Opel has not yet disclosed the pricing or the commencement date for ordering the edition model, nor have they provided information regarding the available engine options for the 40-year anniversary edition. However, the displayed model in the accompanying photo gallery, bearing the edition number 0001, is an electric Corsa E. This aligns with the current trends, as the Corsa E was the best-selling electric car in Germany in May.

In celebration of the Corsa’s 40th birthday, Opel pays tribute to the remarkable achievement of over 14 million Corsa vehicles produced by offering a vibrant red special edition. Alongside the distinctive features of this anniversary model, customers will also receive an unconventional bonus—a box of socks designed with a vintage aesthetic.