Opel Rocks E-xtreme: Electric Dwarf Goes Wild

Opel Rocks E-xtreme: Electric Dwarf Goes Wild

Opel, the automobile manufacturer, recently organized a competition called “Rocks-E-Design-Hack,” inviting creative talents and design students to create their unique and innovative designs for the Opel Rocks-E, an electric microcar. After careful evaluation, Lukas Wenzhöfer, a 26-year-old industrial design student from Hünfelden, Hesse, studying at the University of Design in Pforzheim/Baden-Württemberg, emerged as the winner.

Wenzhöfer’s winning design, named the Opel Rocks Extreme, reimagines the small electric car as an all-terrain, fully electric fun vehicle. The vehicle features an eye-catching appearance with an exceptionally wide track on both axles, positioning the ruggedly profiled wheels far outside the body.

A vivid yellow roll bar extends over the two-seater cabin, allowing for the attachment of an extra-large wing at the rear. The vehicle is adorned with turquoise markings reading “E-xtreme” and the number 001, signifying its unique status as a battery-powered two-seater designed primarily for off-road driving enthusiasts.

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Opel has decided to bring Wenzhöfer’s winning design to life by building a single prototype of the Rocks E-xtreme. Interested individuals can follow the development process of this special vehicle through Opel’s social media channels.

Although the exterior design of the Rocks E-xtreme is innovative and distinct, the underlying drive concept remains unchanged. The Rocks-E, with its six kW (8.2 hp) power output, is classified as a four-wheeled light motor vehicle in the AM driving license category. It can be legally driven by individuals aged 15 and above.

Opel’s choice to focus on the electric microcar Rocks-E as a vehicle for younger drivers aligns with their strategy to position it as a stylish and appealing choice. The design competition aimed to further enhance its image, and now the winning design, which represents an off-road fun vehicle, will be manufactured as a unique, one-of-a-kind model by Opel.