Renault Twingo SCe 65 in the Test with 65 hp

Renault Twingo SCe 65 in the Test with 65 hp

Although Twingo may appear simple, determining whether it meets the necessary requirements is not a straightforward matter. If the objective is to transport up to three passengers and light luggage from point A to point B, then the Twingo is indeed sufficient. Its compact length of 3.62 meters ensures easy parking, eliminating the need for an additional expense of 250 euros for rear sensors.

While driving, occupants can enjoy contemporary entertainment options through Apple Carplay or Android Auto. They can navigate through a wide range of digital radio stations, engage cruise control on long stretches of country roads, adjust the temperature of the automatic air conditioning, and fine-tune the position of the exterior mirrors using the mini joystick located in the driver’s door.

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The Twingo SCe 65 takes 18.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

Surprisingly, the small car is suitable for short-distance travel. However, the one-liter three-cylinder engine tends to exhibit occasional hesitation, restlessness, and weakness during stop-and-go traffic or when starting off. It is advisable to disregard the shift indicator, as shifting gears too early causes the engine to operate sluggishly, resulting in slow acceleration. However, on uphill stretches or when leaving urban areas, the driver is compelled to manually shift through the five-speed gearbox, maximizing the utilization of the available 95 Nm of torque.

To gauge speed, one must rely on auditory cues, as the small instrument panel behind the smooth plastic steering wheel, which can only be adjusted for height, does not display the vehicle’s velocity. Furthermore, the engine at the rear, despite restraining its power output, surprisingly generates little noise, making it difficult to discern that the rear wheels are responsible for propulsion. Even on wet surfaces, the lack of power and the robust utilization of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) ensure that the rear end remains stable and does not cause any issues.

Off to the freeway

Renault Twingo SCe65

If the vehicle is not able to climb uphill, one can consider using the left lane while driving the Twingo. Subsequently, when the driver transitions to the autobahn, they can continue using the left lane while frequently changing gears, unless they encounter an incline. During this process, the driver needs to constantly adjust the steering due to the impact of wind and uneven road conditions on the vehicle’s dynamics.

Under specific circumstances, the Twingo proves to be adequate and even possesses transportation qualities. Additionally, its construction does not appear to be cheaply assembled. However, the only available petrol version of the Twingo currently comes with a significantly high price tag of 15,800 euros. This price is considerably more expensive compared to three years ago when the same vehicle was approximately 5,500 euros cheaper (and slightly more fuel-efficient).

If one approaches the topic of automobiles pragmatically and devoid of emotional attachment, the Renault Twingo, particularly the SCe 65 variant, can still be considered a viable option. However, at the present price point, it may not be the most advisable choice.

Technical specifications

Renault Twingo SCe 65 Equilibre
basic price €16,100
external dimensions 3615x1647x1541mm
trunk volume 188 to 980L
displacement / engine 998 cm³ / 3-cylinder
Performance 48 kW / 65 hp at 6250 rpm
top speed 158km/h
0-100km/h 18.2s
test consumption 6.2L/100km

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