Tesla Cybertruck as Lottery Prize

Tesla Cybertruck as Lottery Prize

Despite the delayed release of Tesla’s Cybertruck, the company has already begun giving away one of its electric pickup trucks. Tesla is currently striving to bring the first fully electric Cybertruck to the market this year, which is a two-year delay from the initially targeted release date of 2021.

However, Tesla has taken the unusual step of conducting a raffle for a Cybertruck on its US website, specifically for a model with a low Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A low VIN indicates that the raffled vehicle will be one of the first models produced, potentially making it appealing to collectors and increasing its value.

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To participate in the raffle, individuals must be enrolled in the Tesla loyalty points program. This program operates similarly to other customer loyalty systems, where customers earn loyalty points by purchasing or successfully recommending Tesla products.

These points can then be redeemed for small rewards. For instance, purchasing a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y earns 3,500 points, while a Model S or Model X purchase earns 6,000 points. Participants who have accumulated at least 500 points are eligible to enter the raffle as many times as they wish.

The existence of the raffle was discovered and shared by a Tesla enthusiast on Twitter, known as @BabyTesla3. The description of the prize clarifies that no purchase registration is required for the Cybertruck raffle, and there is no cost associated with participating.

Tesla operates its customer loyalty program in Germany as well, with collected points being stored in a “loot box.” However, points that remain unused for twelve months are removed from the account. It remains uncertain whether German customers will be able to participate in the US raffle.

Although the Cybertruck can be reserved in Europe, it is unclear whether the vehicle will be officially available in the country. If a European winner were to emerge, they would need to navigate a complex individual registration process to drive the electric pickup on public roads.

It is uncommon for a manufacturer to hold a raffle for a highly anticipated model before its official launch. Nevertheless, Tesla has chosen to do so with the heavily pre-ordered Cybertruck. Participation in the raffle requires a minimum collection of 500 Tesla loyalty points. The eligibility of German loyalty point collectors to participate is uncertain, given that the Cybertruck has not yet been approved for the European market.