The Bouygues Special Series offer is fiber optic + a mobile subscription for an excellent price

The Bouygues Special Series offer is fiber optic + a mobile subscription for an excellent price

[Deal du Jour] If you’re planning to move to fiber and change your mobile plan, now’s the time. Bouygues offers its Special Series offer, with a fiber optic subscription and TV decoder, as well as a mobile 5G subscription, for less than €45 per month. An all-inclusive offer that avoids the hassle of multiple subscriptions.

What is this Bouygues offer with fiber and mobile subscription?

The Bouygues Special Series includes the fiber optic Bbox and its 4K TV decoder, as well as a 5G mobile subscription with 100 GB of data, for the price of € 44.98 per month. A 24-month plan is required to take advantage of fiber optics, while a 12-month plan is required for the mobile plan.

The offer is interesting because it does not increase in price after a year, as is usually the case. If you separate the fiber optic with the TV decoder and the mobile phone subscription, you will have it for € 67.98 for the second year. With the Bouygues Special Series you save €23 per month, from the second year.

The Bouygues Special Series in detail // Source: Bouygues

What is this special series from Bouygues?

The fiber package included in the Bouygues offer

The Bouygues fiber optic offer offers you a Wi-Fi 5 fiber connection, up to 1 Gb/s for download and 700 Mb/s for upload. The speeds are excellent and the Bouygues network is reliable. You can also consult our guide to the best internet offers in 2023 to locate Bouygues among the other operators.

The offer comes with the Bbox 4K TV decoder with more than 180 channels included, compatible with very high definition. The decoder runs on Android TV and has 128 GB of storage space to record more than 100 hours of content. This allows you to access most SVOD services and many applications. With the application you can watch certain channels on your smartphone and tablet. Fixed telephony with unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 110 countries is included.

The mobile subscription offered by Bouygues

The Special Series also includes a 5G 100 GB data plan, with unlimited calls and texts in France and from Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland/Andorra. 50 GB of data can be used in Europe, DOM, Andorra and Switzerland. Find the operator’s other subscriptions in our guide to the best mobile subscriptions of 2023.

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