Tokyo Auto Salon 2023: Toyota inspires GR Yaris and GR86

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023: Toyota inspires GR Yaris and GR86

The Tokyo Auto Salon is an important event for car enthusiasts and manufacturers, and this year, the Japanese manufacturer Toyota is making a strong presence. Toyota has achieved great success in the World Rally Championship, winning both the drivers’ and constructors’ titles in 2022. To celebrate this achievement, Toyota is launching new special editions of the GR Yaris, a car used in the WRC as a hybrid race car.

The special editions of the GR Yaris, named “RZ High-Performance Sébastien Ogier Edition Concept” and “RZ High-Performance Kalle Rovanperä Edition Concept,” differ primarily in their color schemes. The Ogier edition features a subtle matte gray color with a black accent line, while the Rovanperä edition has a visually striking mix of colors inspired by the design of the WRC car.

The brake calipers also have different colors: blue for Ogier and red for Rovanperä. The GR Yaris RZ High-Performance Kalle Rovanperä Edition Concept includes aerodynamic add-on parts from the Gazoo Racing portfolio, such as a differently shaped roof wing. Both special editions bear the “Toyota Gazoo Racing” lettering on the side stickers.

One significant technical change in the special editions is the engine. The 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine in the special editions delivers a maximum torque of up to 390 Newton meters to all four wheels, compared to the standard trim’s 360 or 370 Newton meters. Additionally, the GR Yaris RZ High-Performance Sébastien Ogier Edition Concept features a reinforced stabilizer at the rear. The interior changes are minor, including a plaque on the dashboard and colored embroidery on the steering wheel, seats, gear knob, and handbrake lever in both special models.

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Toyota plans to launch the two edition versions of the GR Yaris, along with a meet-and-greet opportunity with the rally drivers, but specific launch dates and pricing details are not yet disclosed.

Furthermore, Toyota is introducing new parts for the GR Yaris and the GR86 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Selected dealers in Japan will offer new interior parts for the GR Yaris, such as bucket seats, a GR sports steering wheel, a lightweight gear knob, and a parking brake, starting from spring. Technical updates for the GR Yaris, including carbon features like a new rear anti-roll bar, chassis upgrades with specially tuned shock absorbers for the race track, a new air intake, and a NACA shaft for improved engine cooling, are also in the works, but pricing details for these parts are not available at the moment.

For the GR86, Gazoo Racing is introducing new styling elements, including a front apron, aerodynamic roof fins and exterior mirror fins, side spoilers, expensive rear-side window covers, and a V-shaped strut bar for the rear. Additionally, there are affordable accessories like an engine oil filler neck cap and a sports oil filter.

Overall, the Tokyo Auto Salon serves as a platform for Toyota to showcase its achievements in the World Rally Championship and introduce special editions and new parts for the GR Yaris and GR86, allowing enthusiasts to enhance the performance and aesthetics of these sporty models.