Toyota Aygo X: Rustic dwarf in the test

Toyota Aygo X: Rustic dwarf in the test

The Aygo, a small car developed by Toyota, falls short of expectations in terms of its design and functionality. It was intended to be a compact and maneuverable vehicle suitable for city driving, but the final product is a confusing four-seater with rear doors that are difficult to open and a lack of space for passengers and storage. The car lacks compartments, shelves, and USB sockets, and the rear seats are particularly cramped. Moreover, the rear window serves as the luggage compartment hatch, resulting in a high-loading sill.

The engine performance of the Aygo is underwhelming. It features a rough-sounding three-cylinder engine with a displacement of one liter and 72 horsepower. Despite its vibrations, the engine struggles to propel the 964-kilogram car, taking nearly 16 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km/h.

The Aygo also becomes louder on long stretches of the motorway, especially when loaded. However, the car offers decent fuel efficiency, consuming 5.3 liters per test, and has a precise but long-stepped five-speed manual transmission. The comfort-oriented chassis minimizes vibrations and provides a smooth ride, but the brakes could be more powerful.

In terms of its dimensions, the Aygo measures 3,700 x 1,740 x 1,510 mm (length x width x height) with a wheelbase of 2,430 mm. The trunk capacity ranges from 231 to 829 liters. The empty weight of the car is 964 kg, and it can handle a maximum load of 396 kg. The base price of the Aygo X 1.0 VVT-i Play model is 16,990 euros.

However, considering the price, Aygo falls short compared to its competitors. Even the Play model, which offers more features than the basic Aygo X, is priced at almost 17,000 euros. In comparison, Dacia’s Sandero Stepway TCe 90 Expression, which is longer, has a larger trunk (328 liters), and a more powerful turbocharged engine (91 horsepower), is priced at just 14,950 euros.

Despite its shortcomings, the Aygo X Play does have some positive aspects. It comes with several assistance systems, comfortable seats, and a visually appealing cockpit. Although the interior consists mainly of hard plastics, the color coordination and overall design create a respectable impression. Nevertheless, the Aygo X is primarily suitable as a comfortable and fuel-efficient urban companion with limited practicality.

Overall, Aygo fails to deliver the expected level of performance, refinement, and utility, making it a relatively expensive option compared to its competitors in the market.

Technical specifications

Toyota Aygo X 1.0 VVT-i Play
Basic price €16,990
External dimensions 3700x1740x1510mm
Trunk volume 231 to 829L
Displacement / engine 998 cm³ / 3-cylinder
Performance 53 kW / 72 hp at 6000 rpm
Top speed 158km/h
0-100km/h 15.9s
Consumption 4.8L/100km
est consumption 5.3L/100km

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