Toyota Aygo X Undercover: Fashionable Special Model Rleased

Toyota Aygo X Undercover: Fashionable Special Model Rleased

Jun Takahashi, the chief designer, and owner of the renowned fashion label Undercover, has collaborated with Toyota to infuse his fashion expertise into a unique variant of the Aygo model.

In the automotive industry, it is not uncommon for car manufacturers to join forces with fashion labels and their designers to bring a fresh and stylish appeal to their vehicles. Toyota, in partnership with Jun Takahashi and Undercover, has developed the Aygo-X special model, named “Undercover,” which made its debut during the Paris Fashion Week 2023.

Takahashi’s design philosophy revolves around non-conformity and defying stereotypes. The Aygo-X has been envisioned to embody a fusion of punk and couture, blending the digital and analog realms. This approach is intended to be reflected in the design and aesthetics of the Aygo-X.

The special model offers a two-tone paint finish, combining Celestite Gray and Ash Gray shades. The door handles are color-matched to the vehicle’s body. The gray exterior is complemented by striking coral red accents on the 18-inch black alloy wheels, fitted with 175/60 tires. Red lines adorn the front and rear aprons, as well as the side panels. Tinted windows are also featured at the rear and on the tailgate, further enhancing the distinctive appearance of the special model.

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Inside the Aygo-X Undercover, buyers will discover specially branded seats and red-trimmed special floor mats featuring a monogram pattern. Takahashi’s motto, “Chaos/Balance,” is displayed as lettering on both sides of the roof. Additionally, the customary special model badging is located at the rear of the vehicle.

The starting price for the Aygo-X Undercover special model is approximately 23,000 euros. It should be noted, however, that the fashion influence is primarily concentrated on the visual aspects of the vehicle. In terms of performance, the five-door Aygo-X retains the familiar one-liter three-cylinder petrol engine generating 72 horsepower, paired with a CVT transmission.

The Toyota Aygo-X Undercover will be available in Germany as a limited edition of 500 units. The special model’s pricing begins at 22,990 euros, while the standard Aygo-X variant can be acquired for 15,890 euros.

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The combination of fashion and cars has always been popular, and the Aygo-X special model capitalizes on this appeal. Nevertheless, the fashion influence is primarily expressed through exclusive paint options, updated carpets, and unique lettering. The production of this limited edition model is restricted to 500 units.