Who is this hologram character in the Ahsoka trailer?

Who is this hologram character in the Ahsoka trailer?

A character is visible in a hologram a few times, in the promotional videos for the series Ahsoka. If you’ve already seen the series rebels, you know who it is. The others require some explanation.

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He is a character who already appeared fleetingly in the first trailer of the series Star Wars Ahsoka, released in early April. Again in the picture the small promotional video released on June 7, it probably deserves a brief explanation – especially if you haven’t seen the animated TV series rebels.

The character in question is the one visible in a hologram, which is then observed by Sabine Wren, another character from the series rebels, clearly pensive. And rightly so: the young dark-haired man is called Ezra Bridger and is a friend of Sabine Wren, but also of Ahsoka Tano. At the very end of the series, however, the person concerned disappeared rebels.

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Source: Star Wars
Sabine Wren looks at Ezra Bridger. // Source : Star Wars

A hero who disappeared into hyperspace

To put it quickly, Ezra Bridger disappeared after a great battle to free Lothal, a planet under the yoke of the Galactic Empire. Purrgils are summoned during this conflict. Remember: these are the strange creatures we discern in hyperspace, during a scene of The Mandalorian. They are “whales” that can travel faster than light.

Now, these purrgils took an Imperial starship into the heat of battle: the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera, in which a certain…Grand Admiral Thrawn (obviously the future great villain of Star Wars, a very popular expanded universe character), as well as Ezra Bridger. And since then we don’t really know where he is.

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His disappearance causes Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano to search the galaxy for him – you don’t give up on a companion like him. This stellar epic is also a welcome vindication for Star Wars continuity. While searching for Ezra, Sabine and Ahsoka were unavailable to fight the Empire, which may explain their absence from the trilogy.

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